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Easy Valentines Gifting with Gowan's

Give the perfect Valentines Gift—Gowan's Heirloom Cider. Three select bottles of Gowan's delicious premium ciders. These beautiful bottles are presented in windowed gift carrier. Enjoy Gowan's gold medal Rosé, Spiced Apple, and 1876 Heirloom ciders.

Gowan's Cider Gift box is fun and flirty with a customizable heart sticker. Classic valentines messages "SAY YES," "FOR EVER," "CHEERS," "LOVE" will give your giftee just the right idea. And you can even write your own message right on the heart or just sign your name! Great for friends (FOR EVER) , sweethearts (SAY YES or LOVE) Or give as a thank you, or congratulations (CHEERS)!

All of these will pair nicely with dinner and chocolate, in case that's part of the overall plan. Try

  • 1876 Heirloom cider with caramel, maple or nut chocolate

  • Rosé with raspberry, strawberry or cherry dark chocolate

  • Spiced Apple with orange, cream, and vanilla chocolate

Fun fact: Apples are part of the rose family.

Available exclusively at local retailers.

Or visit us at Gowan's Cider Tasting in the Orchard. for a great Valentine's date!

Happy Valentines day!

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