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The Complete Orchard Collection Case

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gowans cider orchard 6 bottle barrel 1k.

Tour the Gowan Orchards by the bottle! Enjoy 12  bottles of Gowan's award-winning applewine ciders. Comes in beautiful display case. Includes two of each of  Sierra Beauty (still non bubbly) cider the new Rosé Cider (2) 'Spiced Apple' (2), and Gowan's award-winning DOUBLE GOLD Best of Class applewine ciders; Gravenstein (2), & 1876 Heirloom (2), Macintosh (2). All ranking 1st place, Best of Class, Best of Show in international wine and cider competitions.

1876 Heirloom - 3 bottles BEST DOUBLE GOLD 98 POINTS

Macintosh - 3 bottles  BEST DOUBLE GOLD 97 POINTS

Gravenstein - 3 bottles BEST DOUBLE GOLD 96 POINTS


Sierra Beauty - 2 bottles BEST GOLD MEDAL, 92 POINTS

Spiced Apple - 2 bottles  TOP GOLD MEDAL, 90 POINTS

Rosé Cider - 2 bottles  NEW!


Certified Organic Apples.

Certified Real California Cider®.—100% California Apples.

100% Estate -Grown, Produced, Bottled.

Heirloom Apples.




Gluten Free

Sustainably Farmed

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