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gowans cider orchard 6 bottle barrel 1k.

Cider Tasting 
under the apple trees!!

There's no better place to drink cider than under an apple tree. Join us for a unique experience, Gowan's Cider Tasting in the Orchard. With fresh air, blue skies, and plenty of space, we're excited to welcome you to California's first ever Cider Tasting Orchard.

Drink in the magic of these beautiful apple orchards and the delicious ciders. Enjoy cider in it's purest form and relax in the shade of hundred year old apple trees.


Explore the natural connection between cider and apple, tree and terroir. Savor the surprising range of fruit-forward flavor profiles from different heirloom apples. Authentic farm-to-table cider. International award-winning gold medals and best of class. ciders.

Gowan's world-class ciders are made onsite with organic heirloom apples sourced exclusively from the Gowan estate heritage apple orchards. Established in 1876, this sustainable family farm spans six generation and nearly 150 years.

Most of all, sit back, relax, and drink in the magic of this apple cider orchard.

Reserve your table-under-an-apple-tree below. $20/adult.

Questions, call 707-205-1545. Email

  • Enjoy cider at Gowan's historic barn and 100 year old apple orchards!

    45 min
    20 US dollars
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