Spiced Apple Cider

500 mL — 6.8% alc by vol

Farm-to-table. Organic apples .100% Estate Produced at Gowan Family Orchards. Certified Real California Cider—California Grown.—Orchard Direct.

Delicious spiced apple hard cider (aka wassail or mulled cider) starts with a blend of Gowan’s own organic heirloom apples (Sierra Beauty,
Red Johnathan, Philo Gold) Subtle spice notes of cinnamon, cloves, and orange accentuate the natural apple flavors. Garnish with apples, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, or a festive frothy topping.
Serve cold or warm gently in a crock pot (don’t boil).

Sierra Beauty, Red Jonathan, and Philo Gold heirloom apples tree-ripen and harvested at their peak. These select heirloom apples blend beautifully with cinnamon, clove and orange whole spices for a delicious  traditional spiced cider.


Certified Organic Apples.

Certified Real California Cider®.—100% California Apples.

100% Estate -Grown, Produced, Bottled.

Heirloom Apples.




Gluten Free

Sustainably Farmed

Pair with: Ham, spiced dishes, main dishes and spice cakes, vanilla ice cream. to make a Gowan Snowball.


Serve: White wine glass, flute or tulip shaped. Or warm gently.  Garnish with orange, cinnamon sticks, apples slices. Add a frothy topping for a festive finish.


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