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Gold Medal Cider Gifts

Gowan's award-winning Estate Applewine Cider
Authentic Farm-to-table • California Grown Organic Apples •
Cider in it's purest form—Bottled where the apples grow.

3 Bottle Bubbly

Gift Carrier

Applewine Cider

All Double Gold,

Best Best Cider

96, 97, and 98 points!


Estate Applewine Cider


Best Bubbly

Cider Case

12 Bubbly Cider bottles, five different award-winning ciders

Estate Applewine Cider

Gift Box 5 Bottle Fall Barrel sm.JPG

5 Bottle Bubbly Cider Gift Box

5 bubbly bottles in a beautiful

Red Window Gift Box

Gold Medal 90 + point

Plus the new Rosé


Estate Applewine Cider


Complete Orchard Collection

12 Bottle tour of Gowan's orchard. Two bottles of each cider.

Estate Applewine Cider

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