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Gowan's historic apple orchards are the result of six generations of apple farmers cultivating the orchards, curating the trees, and caring for the long term sustainability of the family farm.

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Family Roots-6 Generations

The Gowan family's connection to these apple orchards date back to 1876 when the first generation began tending the orchards and farmlands. A lot has changed in the succeeding generations, but one thing remains constant, a desire to protect and preserve and share the fruits of these special orchards.

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Heirloom Apples

The best ciders naturally begin in the apple orchard. More than 80 varieties of special heirloom apples have been curated through six generations to grow the most flavorful fruit. Allowed to tree ripen for the best flavor!

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Organic Orchards

Given the six generation history of this family farm, thoughtful land stewardship is 'baked in' to family  farming., having been passed down from previous generations. Organic and sustainable practices protect the ecosystem and are central to pass on to future generations.

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