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Real California Cider®

Question: What does Real California Cider ® Certified mean? Answer: Cider is made from 100% apples grown in California. Check out the neck and back label on any Gowan's cider and you'll see the certified mark.


Question: Is this important to consumers? Answer: Yes. 71% of consumers want locally grown products. Most consumers think cider should only use local or California on their label if the apples are actually grown locally or in California. Just like in wine.

Question: So are ciders labeled or marketed as local made from locally grown apples? Answer: No. That's why the California Cider Association created the Real California Cider® certification. Now consumers, retailers, bars and restaurants owners can confirm that they're buying and selling authentic California grown cider.


Question: If a store, bar or restaurant promotes a cider as local or California, can that help us find locally grown ciders? Answer: Unfortunately, also no. Since the use of the word local is not regulated, it can be used anywhere. Only the Real California Cider® certification identifies cider made from 100% California apples or pears.

Question: What if the label says it's bottled somewhere in California, does that mean grown in California? Answer: No. Federal law requires the label to carry where it is bottled, but not where the apples are grown, even if the apples juice or concentrate come from another state or country.

Question: Does it matter where the apples are grown when it comes to flavor? Answer: Yes, just like in winegrapes, terroir matters! Plus California is recognized worldwide as a leader is sustainable farming practices, environmental and consumer protection, and top quality fruit. It also matters to local communities and local economy, which is another reason consumers want to support California and locally grown.

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