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Announcing Best Ciders at the Largest Cider Competition in the World

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

The largest cider competition in the world, GLINTCAP, with over 1500 entries

from around the world, just announced the Best of Class, Friday at a special awards

ceremony following judging. Two of Gowan’s locally grown heirloom ciders were

ranked #1,

  • First Place and Best of Class Modern Sweet—Gravenstein

  • First Place and Best of Class Modern Dry — Macintosh.

The premier awards in the industry held a special awards dinner for the first time, where the BEST in CLASS were announced.

The "Modern" ider division includes ciders made from the most common type of apples grown in the United States. In addition this is free from flavor additives, expressing instead the pure flavor of the apples.

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