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The Big Reveal—Elegant New Bottles for Gowan's Award-winning Ciders

Exciting new bottles and cartons are making their debut this week.

We're excited to announce our new custom cider bottles. After many months, this one of a kind bottle has been filled with Gowan's one-of-a-kind applewine cider!  Perfect for an elegant table setting, picnic or patio party. Traditional, premium and authentic farm-to-table!

These 500 ml bottles hold two 8 ounce servings—or a full pint if you'd rather not share! The tapered balanced design make it easy to hold. And the label will withstand time in your ice chest too. The raised elegant cartuche on the shoulder and heel brands the bottle. Reuse this bottle as a flower vase, or other liquid.

They arrive in a beautiful red and white box of twelve bottles-like a wine. Add some blue for the perfect patriotic presentation!

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