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Festive RoseCider Cocktails

Here’s four fun and refreshing cider cocktail recipes with the award-winning Gowan's Rosé Cider recently named Best of Class, at the largest cider competition in the world. Festive for the Fourth of July, or any other day that deserves delicious! Cheers to your red-white-and-blue!

Rosé Mint Julep Cider: Add muddled mint to a glass, pour Gowan’s Rosé cider in. Garnish with blueberries or blackberries and fresh mint leaves!! Rosé Mint Julep

Frozé Cider (or Rosé slushie!) Freeze a bottle of Rosé in ice cube trays, bowl or plastic jug. If you like sweeter slushies you can add 1-3 cubes of sugar per bottle of Rosé before freezing. Once frozen, or at least half frozen, put in a blender. You can add more Rosé from another bottle to perfect your awesome Frozé cider slushie!

Frozé Mint Julep Cider: After you have your slushie consistency to your likeing, muddle some mint to a shaker, add in some Frozé, shake, garnish, and serve.

Rosé Cider Rocks. Instead of slushifying those beautiful Rosé ice cubes, place them in a glass and pour more Rosé over the top. Garnish as you wish!

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