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New 'Apple on a Fence Post' Tap Handles with Tags

These new tap handles have a bright attractive red apple balanced on a white 'fence post.'

"Gowan's Family Farm, EST 1876"  is painted in bright red. on one side, and "Local Applewine Cider, Grown Local"

The name tag can be replaced in the holder for any of the ciders! Click here to printout the tap handle tags.

Classic Oval Tap Handles with Stickers

These natural oak Empire tap handles come with tooled gold finial and ferrule. There's no better way to tap kegs of 1876 Heirloom and Gravenstein Heirloom than with our logo and the large friendly letters of the variety that customers will be able to spot and ask for from across the bar.

Need a tap handle for your bar or restaurant? Just let us know!

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