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142nd Apple Harvest Begins

Today's the day! The 142nd Gowan family apple harvest kick's off with the Astrachan and Gravenstein apples today! 83 delicious different kinds of apples will be harvested over the next 3 months, and fermented and crafted into cider as different and unique as the apples from which they're made.

The Red Astrachan hails from Astrakhan area of Russia—very are in this neck of the woods, but delicious. And now, drum roll please....the Gravensteins are ready! Locally the Gravenstein apple harvest creates a bit of a Gravenstein Apple frenzy, as these delicious apples have a short season, make great pies, fabulous eating, sweet juice, and Gowan's award-winning Gravenstein Cider!

Cheers to 142 Years of Apples!

Gowan's Gravenstein Cider and apples in the orchard
The first Gravensteins of the season are here!

Gravenstein Cider aka ‘summer in a glass’

Tasting Notes: Juicy, refreshing and tangy with the perfect tart/not too sweet balance—like an heirloom Gravenstein apple right off of the tree. Discover notes of flowers, honey, melon and citrus. Think of this as an single varietal sparkling wine or apple champagne. All of the flavors come from the apple —there are no added flavors of any kind. Pure, authentic, premium cider, direct for 100+ year old orchards.

Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Sustainably Farmed

ESTATE ( grown, produced, bottled on Gowan Family Orchards.)

Cider, wine and beer judges ranked Gowan's Gravenstein the best of all ciders, in three competitions this year!

Judges Results

Top Gravenstein in California for 3 years., 2018, 2017, 2016.

Top ranked cider in three competitions (both wine and cider) in 2018

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