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Hazy Pear Cider

30 L kegs — 6.3% alc by vol

Hazy Pear Glass Fruit Photo 191111.jpg

Farm-to-table.  Organic Pears. Produced at Gowan Family Orchards.

Certified Real California Cider—100% California Grown.—Orchard Direct.

This Hazy Pear Cider is made with 11 varieties of certified organic heirloom pears. Limited small batch. Fermented pears (perry) and apples (cider) and then infused with just harvested fresh pear juice.  Farm-to-table. Available in kegs.


Bartlet Pear in June 2019 sm_edited.jpg

Organic heirloom pears included in this cider include Comice, Winter Nellis, Red Anjou, Anjou, Sugar Pear, Moon Glow, Bosc, Bartlet, Red Bartlet, Concorde, Red Sensation


Certified Organic Pears

Certified Real California Cider®.—100% California Apples.

100% Estate -Grown, Produced, Bottled.

Heirloom Apples.




Gluten Free

Sustainably Farmed

Pair with: Brie cheese, walnuts. Rich savory and sweet foods, main dishes and desserts. Great with brunch.


Serve: Chilled,

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