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The Gowan family has been growing apples on this land for over 140 years. Aided by the famously rich soil deposits of the Navarro River and the perfect growing weather in Northern California's beautiful Anderson Valley, six generations have grown top quality produce and award-winning, hand-picked heirloom apples.

Our cider making story starts at home. For forty years our family has been making sweet (non-alcoholic) cider, now a regional favorite. With over 83 select varieties of apples available, different seasonal blends reflect the full range of natural ripening patterns of this unique coastal climate, from the tartness of early Gravenstein blends to the succulent sweetness of the late fall Golden Delicious blend. 

After 80 years of operation, many are familiar with our family's fruit stand. Local families and travelers visiting the coast or nearby Hendy Woods still stop there or look for the Gowans at farmers markets. You can also look for Gowan’s ‘Full Pack’ label in produce sections throughout Northern California.

In the past few years we have begun experimenting with crafting wine-style (hard) ciders, both sparkling and still. This meant bubbling carboys sprinkled throughout the kitchen and lengthy dinner table discussions over how our favorite apples were fermenting and how the respective cider would pair with the family’s evening meal. 

We're excited to share our fruit-forward ciders, our apples and the spirit of our orchards with you.


"Cider is a new chapter for an old family book..."

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